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Yes, there is some.

Fahed falling to bits......

First we went downhill a bit. At fracture clinic on Wednesday the doctor told us that the injury is devastating and recovery will always be limited. Whatever happens we are not going back to normal. Fahed went into a bit of a decline. I dont think he is helped by all his sisters ringing every day and cooing over him as it indulges his self pity. I went as far as to say i was confiscating his phone at one point :) Yes, I am a mummy to be core apparently.

However yesterday the doctor phoned as told us the repair operation in Monday morning. That, coupled with me playing the part of his mummy in lectures, seems to have made a change. He is quite positive and perky again. And that a frame of mind I think is essential in any recovery. So Monday am is surgery time. There is a 40% chance they can pin the humeral ball back together but otherwise we are talking replacement shoulder joint.

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