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and breath!

So I have been bonkers busy and hence not posting.

The hospital called back finally about Fahed broken shoulder and foot, we saw a (real) doctor. All is good. I am not sure of the catastrophic life changing injuries that the first doctor described but Fahed seems fine and improving by the day despite the lack of operation on it.

And then the hospital called again and said that had a space fro Fahed for his back surgery a month early. So he has been in hospital all of this last week but already great progress. We can go anywhere or do anything as no sitting, standing or walking for more than 10 minutes but already he feels improvement.

My mums operation wasn't successful sadly, had to be abandoned part way through at risk to lose a leg (eek!). They are meeting to discuss options but I dont think much happens. She is 88 and her veins are like little bits of cotton so nothing much they can do without ripping everything, sadly.

So my neck says I am still seriously stressed out but I d…

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