Home, then Winter, then Christmas.....yaay

Just phoned the old man in Syria. In one hour he leaves for the airport to come home. He sounds ready to come home too. He loves to visit family,no mater where they live, and he loves holidays but he is more English than the English and best of all he loves to come home. He even likes warm beer (real ale). Truly an English soul.

Just as he leaves 3000 miles away, I will settle down for bedtime. After a nights sleep I will go to work for a few hours and the after a meeting I will drive to the airport to get him. Seems like it will be a bit easier for me.

So then, we can prepare for winter.

I need some thermal curtains for the conservatory. I am thinking of investing in two new rugs. We have hard floor everywhere down stairs and it would be more warm and snuggley if we had rugs. There is a man at the local car boot sale that sells rugs which are slight seconds at a ridiculous discount. Its not my favourite place to visit but I will make an effort

On top of that it is also time to start preparing for Christmas.

We only do presents for immediate family & there is a £10 upper limit per person (presents should be second hand, home made or otherwise weird and different!)so its more a matter of time to be spent than cash to be spent. Also, as a close family, we supply and prepare food between us all for the holiday period, so my expenditure isn't that bad. I don't do Christmas cards except for people I wont see and cant email. I also allow myself only one new Christmas decoration every year, so again. maximum cost £5. So all of this needs a bit of planning with the rest of the family.

Great fun.


  1. My sisters tried to do a hand-me-down Christmas one year. It didn't work very well. We always seem to end up exchanging gift cards. Not very original or interesting for sure.

  2. You have wonderful Christmas traditions -- It's so great to have a close knit family like that.

    Good luck rug shopping!


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