Rambling towards a long weekend

Three days off. Excellent news.

I'm behind on chores because last weekend was a bit of a skive so it will be good to catch up. Plus I can catch up on my blog reading. I really miss that when I am silly busy.

Tomorrow we have plans for a trip to the Asian supermarket, to buy a new lavatory, to the DIY store & ordinary supermarket shopping. I cant remember the last time we had a proper shopping session, we have been living on freezer and cupboards for weeks. I don't spend much on food shopping anymore but we sometimes have a takeaway once a month for a change. My husband also has to visit the hospital for a check up of his eye and the doctor for his swine flu jab. We will also visit friends for a couple of hours but not too long as work at the house beckons.

My husband has gone caffeine free. It is fantastic. He is a different man. Sleeping all night, like a baby (okay, without the crying) & waking up early to meet the day. He is go good humoured. I hadn't really realised that his caffeine tolerance had decreased over the years. He has had difficulty sleeping for years. Who knew the answer could be so simple. I don't have enough caffeine to know if it reacts the same way with me but oh my god, I wish I could sleep like he does. I feel mine might be more menopause related.

Any other plans? Curtains and rugs as its beginning to feel pretty cold around her. and some knitting, that always warms me up.

I'll staart my days of pleasure with a nice warm bath and warm the bed up by watching a DVD in bed until the old fella comes home from work.He should be home by ten so it wont be too much of a wild night.


  1. I still can't get a swine flu vaccine. I was hoping to get one before I had to fly for Christmas. Sounds like a lovely weekend you have planned.

  2. He is still complaining about his. Arm is red and swollen & he has a slight cold which he thinks must be swine flu.
    I think its a good sign that my doctor doesnt think I need any flu vacines. I am hoping he tihnk I am fit and healthy rather than just forgot about me.


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