Winter Crafting Evenings

Winter is on its way. Dark evenings keep me indoors just as summer evenings lead me to the garden or to walks. Being kept indoors leads to crafts as I quickly get bored with TV and eventually get bored with computers. I have a partially knitted bag to continue with, a part complete piece of embroidery, 3 half finished pieces of cross stitch. I detect a pattern.

SO I have plans to make something completely different! I have had this picture for a while and have been trying to collect corks to make it. It just doesn't seem to be possible to acquire enough corks to do this though. Bottles are often screw top now, even the quite good ones. A friend has been collecting corks for me as well, but upon inspection they are all plastic and don't have interesting variations. Have I just left it too lat for the particular project. I wish I had tried it in the 90s when corks were cork!


  1. I suppose you could take up drinking fine wine. That might make the cold winter evenings a little warmer. ;)

  2. oh yes,dont think i would need to bother with crafts then either!


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